October 2002: D-50ve Libris

A powerful french library.
The D-50VE is a powerful editor for the D-50, but would be not complete, unless you add a library to it. A library wich can manage the patches and output to files or the D-50. For that we've found the right person ! Frédéric Jagneaux is a frenchman living nearby Lyon. He 's a 34 years old skilled programmer and created the D-50 Libris, a librarian for the D-50VE. the Libris will be fully integrated in the D-50ve project and make it even more functional ! You 'll have cut and past, drag and drop abilities all at your fingertips !

  • Librarian build inside. Cut and paste, drag, organize, ...

  • Libarairy supports single files and *.syx bank files

  • Drag and drop patches

  • Manage between Source list to Destination list to build your custom bank from a single patch or bank patch.

  • Manage the D-50 reverb types.

  • many functions at the right-mouse button

The D-50 Libris will be integrated into the D-50VE by Frederic. The Libris already works on its own. We're working to get the D-50VE running so you can enjoy the good stuff.

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