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Analog Power

D-50 Analog Power
a Sven Godijn sound bank 1994


Patch 1

Patch 2

Patch 3

Patch 4

Patch 5

Patch 6

Patch 7

Patch 8

Bank 1

D-Anapad v2
FlyingDreams Stereo
Instable v2
Juno Poly
Jump 1984
Sweet Dreamer
Abacab Solo

Bank 2

Baroom Synth v2
Galactic Horn v2
Synth X1
Super Analog Q
80ies Stab
Powered AnaBrass
Synth Brass dry

Bank 3

Misterial Pad
Jupiters Strings
Prophet 10 Strings
Close Feel IV
Jobson UK Pad
pf 85 Backdrop v2
OB-A-3 Pad
PPG Wave

Bank 4

Exiter 3 Strings
Chaos Strings
Analog Wire
Space Pad 169u
Arp Nervstrings
Reulux Shapes v2
The Great Rivers
Ex pander B

Bank 5

EnsoniQ Ga9
Oberheim Saw v2
Square Wave
Pulse Control
Space Dulcimer v2
Soft Releas Virge
Kolasee Pad

Bank 6

Soundtrack n hold
Cosmic Growler
Planetary Message
Prophet Star v2
Impuls Reactor
Creation du Monde2

Bank 7

FineSaw Lead
Genesis MaMa v2
AtmoZ Lead
Resoh Lead
Warbler Solo
Moog Solo
Tracepad Solo
Money Lead

Bank 8

Read 8va Bass
Sub 8va Bass
Mini 8va Bass
S-Bass Sinus
Funky Moog Bass v2
Vulcan Bass
Vulcan Bass SQU


Power Synth / Techno

D-50 Power Synth / Techno
a Sven Godijn sound bank 1994


1.Fat Power Synth
- 1.D-Anapad
- 2.EnsoniQ Ga9
- 3.PROPHET Star 5
- 4.Sweet Dreams
- 5.Close Feel II
- 6.Supernova
- 7.Blade Fusion 93
- 8.Oberheim Saw

2.Synth Power compilation
- 1.Galactic Horn
- 2.Misterial Pad
- 4.Chaos Strings
- 5.Beautiful EP
- 6.PROPHET 10 Strings
- 7.Pulse Control
- 8.Uthopia

3.Synth Power compilation
- 1.Spooky Night
- 2.RP Nervstrings
- 3.Moog Modular PO8
- 4.Haunted Strings
- 5.Analog Power Organ
- 6.Centaurus 5
- 7.Impuls Reactor
- 8.Space 1

4.Best of PowerOrgan
- 1.Sci-Fi Organ
- 2.AT leslie Organ
- 3.Solo Organ
- 4.Midnight Call
- 5.Mild Percussion Orgn
- 6.TheDoors Alive
- 7.Ballance Organ
- 8.Gibson USA

5.Techno Power
- 2.Radaxan System 2
- 3.Sinotron MS9A
- 4.Chase Hit PT-1
- 7.Founded Lost
- 8.Ex-pander B

6.Techno Power
- 1.Pulsar 2249
- 2.W A W - GND
- 3.AC 220V 50Hz
- 4.Vulcan Bass SQU
- 5.Traveller
- 6.MOOG locker
- 7.Crystal Echo
- 8.Genesis MaMa

7.Techno Power
- 1.Speed RAVE FXS51
- 2.Speed killer
- 4.Vulcan Bass
- 5.Techno Controller
- 6.Zero Tunes 1-2
- 7.EXITER 3 Strings

8.Power FX
- 4.SEA Shore
- 6.Electricity FX wave
- 7.Machinery
- 8.Sunday Church


These patches are designed for the D-50/D-550 by Sven Godijn in 1994 and have been tested alot. I used them on stage and also for some demos at home. In those days I sometimes worked for days on one sound. (That's what sometimes happens now also, but then I had more time, and only one synth, I own 5 now).They evolved at the concerts. I was never satisfied about the sound. Those are the reasons why they sound so rich. The D-50 is and was a wonderful machine. Even now when I played a concert with my Roland XP80, I come home and this dinosaur still amazes me. It has a rich and warm sound.



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