Roland D50VE is now available at these addresses:

01/09/02 D-50VE libris
The D-50ve project has found a new reason in its existence ! Frédéric Jagneaux programmes the D-50 Libris, a library for the D-50. The D-50ve project benefits by implementing this and many more functions to it.

27/04/00 D-50VE beta 1.1 downloadable !
Due to the overwhelming demand from people to put the first beta online we considered to do so.

14/08/'99 GUI implementation + global structure and functions
click the link to get more info

14/6/'99 A First Beta is Ready!

click the link to get more info

03/02/'99 D-50VE website online
12/'98: First working testmodules
05/'98: Concept of the D-50VE

Thanks to all those people!
We would already like to thank all those people who are very interested in the product and send us a bunch of e-mail. We apologize not answering all of them. As it would take more time to answer them, instead of working on the D-50VE. So please don't feel disappointed when you don't get a reaction. You're not the only one ;-)

If you can or want to contribute to this project you can mail us.
For example: Allot of people asked if it's compatible with Mac. If anyone can program it, be our guest...

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