In this section we try to answer some of the most asked questions.


Why don't the included patches work with it?
For this beta, the patches delivered within, don't work.
But to get you warm for our sounds coming your way, we have putted some that work:

  • Sinotron MS9A

  • Jump 1984

  • 80s Stab

  • Ensonicq GA9

Where can I download it ?
Click on the download links or buttons. Or click here DOWNLOAD.

When can I download it ?
A first windows-based beta program is already for download.

Can I run it on a Mac?
You won't be able to run it on a mac, unless you have a WINDOWS EMULATOR. We apologize for this. Maybe after a while we will find some Mac enthusiast who want to rewrite it for those machines? Volunteers?

Will it be able to send single patches?
The D-50VE beta is already capable of sending single patches. We're working on a library also called Libris.

How much will it cost?
The D50ve is a result of lot's of people working on this project. Some on a free basis, some paid. We will ask a small price for the goodies. With today's features it will cost no more than 50$. If you think this price is to high, please react here and don't forget to mention why.

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