14/08/'99 GUI implementation + global structure and functions

Rogier and Sven
This is what a developing team does, after
16 hours of computing: going nuts !

On the weekend of the 13th until the 15th of August I, Sven, went to The Netherlands (I live in Belgium) to visit the other half of the developing team, Rogier. My home looked like being robbed! That is, possibly, because I took all my computer stuff with me ;-) Glad the carjackers were not working that day. Goal of the trip: implementing the D-50VE GUI.

Rogier and his wife Marlies were superb hosts! Imagine this: they build a complete new room for me on their attic.(or did they mention something about a baby?)


We kept a real tight schedule: hey, 8 AM on a Saturday is not easy you know...
We studied the D-50 VE in all kind of ways.

The library functions, GUI functionality and use, promotion ways, benefits for the users... We're trying to make it a successful editor, working correct and fast, the user controls every part of the machine. We don't want it to be a windows-based program that controls some parameters on a remote machine....

After some major considerations we started working on the GUI. I created graphics on my iMac and Rogier wrote a fantastic interface within an hour! Man! The stuff he can do with his fingers...;-) Not only playing the D-50 so it seems.

iAttack skin: It's alive .......

Marlies the cooking fairy....

On Saturday evening we made a trip to Scheveningen. The Miami-beach from Holland. Didn't see lots of girls in bikini. Instead, dogs came falling out of the sky. Meanwhile in Belgium a real hurricane passed 10km further from my home.

Our muses for all those though days: Marlies, eighties music and Biggles. Rogiers wife Marlies made the most delicious meals. No way we would become "Magere Heinen", skeletons behind the computer. People all over the world, I tell you this: When your in the neighborhood of Leidschendam, The Netherlands don't hesitate to stop at their house. You'll eat the best gado-gado ever.

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