14/6/'99 A First Beta is Ready!

A first beta is ready! Yahoo! (not the search engine)
We are testing it at the moment. Although it hasn't got all the features we want to implement, it is already a very usable editor. It's also a VISUAL BASIC looking application for the moment. When the beta testing is done, we're intending to place the graphical interface. Some features aren't possible, as we meant them in the first place, due to VB's way of programming. But still the interface will reflect the feel of the D-50.


These are some screenshots from the editor as it is now. As you see we tried to follow up the structure of the D-50's sound architecture system as much as possible. Only did we change some annoying things. The interface is very intuitive. You don't need to struggle through the D-50 Virtual Editor Manual before you can start to enjoy that machine. Just sit back, relax and let those sounds tickle your ears, as you edit your own way!

Screenshot above: the general settings
Screenshot left: LFO settings

Screenshot below: very easy to edit TVF settings

But NOT for DOWNLOAD yet!
As we did allot of effort to finish this beta, we aren't ready to release it for testing yet. We first want to remove the bugs ourselves. After the graphical interface is placed we will place it on the website for download. We assume it to be ready after the holidays, that is September. A newsflash will appear on this page, of course ;-) Also we will notify the people who mailed us.

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